Pāli Level 3

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This is the advanced Pāli course of the OCBS Pāli course series.



This course is the third and last step to your mastery of Pāli! It requires intermediate knowledge of Pāli. For more information about our courses, see the description of our beginner course.

Access to a Pāli dictionary is helpful throughout the course – luckily, one of the best complete dictionaries is available for free online, as a searchable database: The Pāli Text Society’s Pāli English Dictionary


A few facts about this Pāli course:

Content: 24 Lectures, amounting to 3.5 hours + 24 Factsheets + 24 Vocabulary Lists + more than 200 Exercises
Duration: 4-5 weeks based on 3-4 hours of self-study per week
Difficulty: Advanced (previous knowledge, equal to the content of Pāli Level 1 and Pāli Level 2, is required)

Note that once bought, your access to the course does not expire. When we update the course – for example by adding material or exercises – you will automatically have access to the new version.

This course is the third Level of our 3-Level Pāli instruction. Level 1 and Level 2 are already available.


Learning Objectives for Pāli Level 3:

  • Understanding further applications of the pronominal system:
    – indefinite, interrogative and relative pronouns
    – the relative pronoun yad, and the deictic pronoun idaṃ
  • Understanding the verbal system in greater detail, including:
    – the causative formation, the future tense and the infinitive
  • Understanding more complicated types of compounds:
    – adverbial & bahubbīhi compounds
  • Understanding noun stems in –ar and –an
  • Understanding more complicated Pāli idioms:
    – seyyathāpi, yatra hi nāma, na cirassa, uttari manussadhammā
  • The grammar of some important Pāli chants:
    – the pañca- and aṭṭha-sīla
    – the iti pi so gāthā
  • Readings from three important discourses of the Buddha:
    – The Great Discourse on the Destruction of Craving (Mahā-taṇhā-saṅkhaya Sutta, MN 38)
    – The Discourse on the Advice given to Puṇṇa (Puṇṇovāda Sutta, MN 145)
    – The Discourse on the Characteristics of Not-self (Anatta-lakkhaṇa Sutta, SN 22.59)

2 reviews for Pāli Level 3

  1. Sarana Bhikkhu

    Excellent course, very interesting, enjoyable, with (sometimes humbling) test(s) accompanying each and every lesson. Although very simple in its making, graphics, sound, etc., this course is more than enough for an ardent student to learn and progress toward a higher level of Pali language proficiency. In the last lesson, I heard Alex mention that there will be Level 4. Hopefully, it is coming soon! 💖

    If I can suggest a little improvement, I think Alex (or whoever will teach in Lesson 4) may appreciate a higher quality microphone. Or not! Please, don’t change anything. Magnificent! Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu! 💖

  2. Varanyani

    Thank you again for offering all these well-planned lessons on the advanced Pali grammar. I have enjoyed learning them all and especially found lessons on bahubbīhi compounds, the causative, and idioms 2 very helpful. After taking a Pali basic grammar course at VRI in India in 2012, I always felt the needs to fill the gap between the basic grammar and the sutta readings that require the advanced knowledge of Pali grammar and syntax. I feel that both level two and level three have fulfilled my needs, so I thank you for offering these courses sincerely. In order to be able to completely understand most Suttas, I am going to review what has been learnt over and over while applying the knowledge learnt to what I read. I also wish to be able to take level 4 that Dr. Alex is going to teach in the near future. Please, keep me updated about the new course via email. May all of you involved in providing this Pali course be well and happy by the power of Dhamma! With sincere thanks and mettā……

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