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    Chris Ferguson

    I have always wanted to learn Pali, but the the few books that were around were difficult, and took a lot of learning of tables etc.

    I found this course about a week ago, by doing an online search – not expecting to find anything, so I was very surprised to find it!

    Abd yes it is tedious to learn the traditional way with classical languages I was studying Classical Greek at university level and really did not like the way they taught it. There were so many links in the language that if they were emphasised would have made it a lot easier. E.g link of all cases of nouns to the definite article and links between noun classes. So when I found the way that Pali is taught here, I was very pleased; it is given the feeling for the language so that it is part of you, rather than learning long tables of declension etc. Almost everything in classical Greek is declined, but there are huge connections across the language – so it would be better to teach the connections and get a feel for the language. And in Pali to, to get the feeling for the language so that it become part of you. Especially as these are the words of the lord Buddha; we want to feel it, not that it is just an intellectual exercise!

    I found that the way Classical Greek was taught, that it killed a lot of my interest in Greek. Pali is so much more important to me; I don’t want my interest killed of by rote learning, so this approach is much, much better!

    So I am very grateful for it.

    I’d like to do the intensive course in Oxford, the next time it is able to run. But obviously just now with the Corona Virus everything has been put on hold. Maybe on-line would be possible?

    Chris (Edinburgh)

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