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this page lists all the recent updates and corrections we have done. This can include updates to specific courses or other offers, or changes across the entire website. The most recent updates will be at the top of the list, the older ones will be further down. We hope that this will make it easier for you to get the information you want. As always, we would welcome any feedback or suggestions in the comment section below.

01 June 2019 – Pāli Level 1 Update

We corrected a minor mistake in Level 1, the factsheet of Lesson 23.


09 February 2019 – Pāli Level 3 Launch & Various Updates

The third and last part of our Pāli course series has been launched: Pāli Level 3. Also, all Vocabulary lists in Level 1 have been updated. They are now using the same format like the Level 1 Index. In Level 2, we have added a Solutions + Analyses PDF for the Practice Exercise 02 in Lesson 3.


28 October 2018 – Pāli Level 1 Vocabulary Index

We have added a vocabulary index for Pāli Level 1 which gives an alphabetical index for the entire vocabulary of Pāli Level 1.


06 October 2018 – Pāli Level 2 Launch

The second part of our Pāli course series has been launched: Pāli Level 2.


17 September 2018 – Vocabulary List 13 and Vocaulary List ALL

Two vocabulary entries which are necessary for the Lesson 23 exercise have been missing from Vocabulary List 13. This list and the vocabulary list featuring all lists combined have been updated.


05 September 2018 – Pāli Level 1 Certificates

All users who successfully complete (or already have completed) the Level 1 course will automatically receive a certificate signed by Prof Richard Gombrich and Dr Alexander Wynne. It will show up on a user’s “My Account” page.


27 July 2018 – Factsheet 14 and Grammar Tables

Small corrections in Factsheet 14 and the order of the different declensions in the Grammar Table PDF for Pāli Level 1 has been adjusted.


24 July 2018 – Vocabulary Exercises and Vocabulary Lists

We have added more than 180 (!) Vocabulary Exercises to the course. You can find them after the “normal” exercises in Lessons 10-22; so for all Lessons which feature vocabulary lists. Also, all vocabulary lists have undergone some, mostly minor, changes.


23 July 2018 – Lesson 05 Factsheet PDF

The Factsheet for Lesson 5 has been updated with more information on the relationship between short/long syllables and stress.


22 July 2018 – Lesson 21 Exercise and Solutions PDF

We have been made aware of two incongruities between the exercise of Lesson 21 and the exercise solutions PDF file. This has been rectified. If you have previously downloaded “OCBSPali-Level1-Solutions-Lesson-21.pdf”, please delete it and download the new version.


12 July 2018 – All PDFs searchable

We have updated all remaining PDF files, i.e. the factsheets, the Grammar Table pdf and the exercise solutions. All of them are now entirely searchable (with and without diacritics), you can mark the text, etc.

We have also made some small changes in some of the factsheets and the Grammar Table. However, if you have already printed them out, you don’t need to do that again with the new versions. The changes are very minor.


12 July 2018 – Factsheet 06

We have been made aware of a small mistake in Factsheet 06. The statement “True anusvāra appears … immediately before y, r, v, s or h” is correct but shortly after that comes a second statement “To identify a true or false anusvāra … if the letter after ṃ is y, r, l, s or h it is a true anusvāra” should be “… if the letter after ṃ is y, r, v, s or h it is a true anusvāra” instead.

It has been corrected and you can download the new version of the factsheet already. Thank you for alluding us to that! Please keep using the comment function, that is exactly what it is there for.


10 July 2018 – Our News feature

As you may have seen, we now feature a new section on our website: a blog. For the time being, it will consist of news about the courses and/or website. In the future, we plan to publish other kinds of posts as well.

You can find this section in the right sidebar of each page. When you’re within a course, you will find it below the course navigation on the right.

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  1. Thanks for the extra grammar exercises. That was the biggest opportunity I saw for improving the content. Really helpful. Plus, it’s a little positive reinforcement since it’s easier to pass these quizzes the first time than the translation exercises (at least for me)!

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